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The financial system consists of public and private interests and the markets that serve them. It provides capital from individual and institutional investors who transfer money directly and through intermediaries (e.g. banks, insurance companies, brokerage and fund management firms) to other individuals, firms, and governments that acquire resources and transact business. With the expectation of reaping profits, investors fund credit in the forms of:

(1) debt capital (e.g. corporate and government notes and bonds, mortgage securities and other credit instruments),
(2) equity capital (e.g. listed and unlisted company shares), and
(3) the derivative products of a wide variety of capital investments including debt and equity securities, property, commodities, and insurance products.

Although closely related, the disciplines of economics and finance are distinctive. The “economy” is a social institution that organizes a society’s production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services,” all of which must be financed. Economists make a number of abstract assumptions for purposes of their analyses and predictions. They generally regard financial markets that function for the financial system as an efficient mechanism. In practice, however, emerging research is demonstrating that such assumptions are unreliable. Instead, financial markets are subject to human error and emotion.

New research discloses the mischaracterization of investment safety and measures of financial products and markets so complex that their effects, especially under conditions of uncertainty, are impossible to predict. The study of finance is subsumed under economics as financial economics, but the scope, speed, power relations and practices of the financial system can uplift or cripple whole economies and the well-being of households, businesses and governing bodies within them—sometimes in a single day.

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 Personal loans, credit cards and cash advance

Superannuation Funds and Schemes

Personal loans, credit cards and cash advance. Payday Loans and Cash Advance Loans. Superannuation Funds and Schemes Unclaimed Superannuation.
Line of credit - Home equity. Managing your Superannuation.
Repairing a bad credit rating. Lost and unclaimed Superannuation.
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Insurance, Home, Life, Health & Vehicle

Investment Making Money from Property

Insurance, Home, Life, Health & Vehicle. Mortgage Insurance Cover. Investment Making Money from Property. Invest in property using a second mortgage.
Home & Contents Insurance. Real estate investing that's costs money.
Term Life and Life Insurance. Rent on an investment property.
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Mortgage and Home Loans

Retirement Investment

Mortgage and Home Loans. Reduce your mortgage to 10 years or less. Retirement Investment. Rent on an investment property.
Top 10 Things to Consider on Home Loans. Lost and unclaimed Superannuation.
First Home Owners Grant. Managing your superannuation.
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