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Unclaimed superannuation | lost superannuation?

Thousands upon thousands of Australian employees and employers have billons of dollars in unclaimed or lost (superannuation) Super. So how do you know if you are one of the 4.3 million Australian with unclaimed or lost Superannuation, who have every right to claim this pool of almost 4.3 billion dollars?

Anybody who has worked for any amount of time at one stage or another has had employer contributed superannuation funds deposited into one of the many hundreds of superannuation funds now operating In Australia. Have you kept track of all the funds deposited into your Super fund?

Like most of us, you have had a least 4 to 8 fulltime or partime jobs in your career and with each job you have had super added to a Superannuation fund normally decided by your employee.

Unclaimed Superannuation money.

Each year you may get a notice from the super fund stating how much money you have invested with them and now you should also get a statement on your pay slip, stating how much super has been deposited in your fund. But none the less most of us would have no idea how much lost or unclaimed superannuation we have and even less knowledge of who is managing it and who is the funds with.

But, you can know find out and in most cases it totally free to find it. If you don't have the time to find it yourself you could employ a company to do it for you, and pay their fee. Or you could go online, go to the ATO website, and do a search for unclaimed or lost superannuation. Then add your details and they will tell you exactly how much you have and were it is.

It's your superannuation money, so go and get it now!

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Steve Szasz is the owner of Loans for people on Centrelink

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