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Superannuation contributions calculator.

Do you have any idea of how much super you will need to retire comfortably and how much more you will need in contributions? And do you also know what charges, fees and government taxes your making or likely to make?

Calculating your Superannuation

Thousands upon thousands of Australian employees have billons of dollars in retirement superannuation funds.
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission have a Superannuation contributions calculator, that is free to use and can tell you at a glance all you need to know about your super.

Superannuation contributions calculator does:

This calculator will let you see the long term effects of:
  • common fees charged by various funds
  • making extra contributions
  • receiving government co-contributions if you are eligible
  • breaking or reducing contributions as a result of time out of the workforce
  • switching your investment strategy or changing funds.

You can use the calculator here: Superannuation Calculator

Fees and what you contribute are usually the most important choices because they generally have the greatest effect on the amount you receive when you retire.

The superannuation contributions calculator lets you test 'what ifs', but it cannot replace expert, licensed advice on retirement planning.

About The Author

Steve Szasz is the owner of Finance Control Panel .

You can use this Superannuation Calculator to calculate how much Superannuation you will need to retire comfortably.

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