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Boat Loan calculator | Boat finance estimation.

What a fantastic feeling it is pushing the trottle forward and feeling the power of a 4 stroke outboard on a 5 metre cuddy cabin boat. There is no other feeling that even comes close to the freedom we all feel when at the helm of a brand new recreational fishing or cruising boat. There are now many easy boat loan options.

Ideal time to finance a new boat.

No matter what recreation you follow fishing, cruising, sailing or sking, boats make it all fun. Now like no other time, is the best time to take the plunge into something you have put off for years. Boat loan interest rates and a growing economy make it an ideal time to invest in your brand new boat. If you want to know how much you can borrow or finance towards your new boat loan, please use our boat loan calculator.

Boat Loan Calculator

Yours and or your partners Income details
Your monthly income after tax:
Partners monthly income:
Any other income:
Yours current monthly debts
Monthly household expenses:
Monthly Mortgage or Rent:
Credit Card payments:
Total of any other loans:
Approx maximum monthly boat loan payment you may qualify for is: 
Free No Obligation Boat Loan Estimate Here

If you would like and estimation from our boat finance expert please click this link Free Boat Loan Estimation

DISCLAIMER: These boat loan calculations are only finance estimates and can only be used to evaluate the possible results of applying for a boat loan. Please consult an accredited Boat Finance Consultant for an accurate calculation and quote.

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