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Today like no other time, property investment or purchasing a rental property, superannuation is a freight train to long term wealth. Below are a information packed collection of property investment related articles and resources. Keep up to date on trends and niches and become a successful investment property owner or superannuation policy holder.

Investing in Real Estate
Investing in property can be a dynamic way of making extra income.

Rent From an Investment Property

Stock markets are out of favour with many investors who have seen the values of their portfolios, endowment policies and pension funds shrink, whereas property has generally continued to rise in value. Interest rates are at historically low levels and mortgage finance is readily available on competitive terms from major banks and building societies.

Myths About Realestate Investment

Did you know that real estate investing has created more millionaires that ALL other industries combined? The question, then, is why are more people not invested in real estate? Even with the increased awareness in real estate investing, more people are still familiar with other forms of investing such as stocks and mutual funds.

Invest in Property using a Second Mortgage

A second mortgage is a loan that is secured by the home itself, and subordinate to the first mortgage. Any mortgage taken out against a home in addition to an already established mortgage automatically becomes a second mortgage. As the name implies, second mortgages are secondary to first mortgages. This means if the homeowner is forced into foreclosure, the second mortgage holder will receive no proceeds from the sale of the home until the first mortgage has been completely repaid.

Superannuation and Retirement Investments

Australians, in general, constitute some of the worst savers in the world. Current estimates suggest that, on average, Australians save just 4% of their income. This is less than half of the 11% estimate for Australians in the late 1970s. In the past, pensions from taxpayers were used to provide pensions for senior citizens upon their retirement. However, because of the increased life expectancy of Australians coupled with the decrease in the average number of children per household, the use of pensions, if persisted with, will put a significant strain on the Federal Budget.

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